Instruction (US$)

Private Tuition: 1-on-1

Private lesson (per hour – One-on-one instruction)US$ 90  (incl. equipment)
US$ 80  (own equipment)
One session, 3 hoursUS$ 260
Two sessions, 6 hoursUS$ 490
Three sessions, 9 hoursUS$ 695

Buddy Deals

  • Buddy rates are for 2 students with 1 kite and board, using the buddy system.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, rates include equipment and full safety gear.
  • Maximum of two sets of buddies ( 4 students) per instructor.
3 hour lesson (1 session)
Covers: theory, trainer kite control, launching and landing, setting up an inflatable kite, safety systems
US$170 per person
6 hour lesson (2 sessions)
Covers: above + body dragging downwind, body dragging upwind, water relaunch.
US$300 per person
9 hour lesson (3 sessions)
Covers: all of the above +  water self-rescue, water start, getting up and riding the board.
US$440 per person

Refresher course:

You have taken kite lessons in the past but months have passed since you last kited and you feel a little lost? No problem: this course will get you back on track! Covers general safety aspects, kite set-up, water relaunch and water self-rescue. We keep a close eye on you as you get back out on the water and settle back into the comfort zone.

3 hours  $260(using the school’s equipment)
$230(using your own equipment)

Kite supervision:

You are already out there, riding on your own or our school’s equipment and staying upwind, but you just feel more comfortable when someone keeps a close eye on you, and gives you some hints and tips on how to improve your skills.

Supervision includes:

  • Assisted launching / landing
  • Safety cover
2 hours$50
4 hours$70
6 hours$100

Rental rates (US$)

Full rental includes:

  • 1 x Cabrinha kite
  • 1 x Cabrinha control bar
  • 1 x Cabrinha kiteboard
  • 1 x Harness
  • 1 x Buoyancy vest
  • 1 x Helmet
1 hour (minimum)
2 hours
4 hours

Rent board only:

1 hour (minimum)
2 hours
4 hours
  • We only rent equipment if clients can comfortably kite upwind – our instructor decides. Otherwise, the rental will be converted into a private lesson, charged at the standard rates for instruction.
  • To pre-book equipment for non-consecutive days, add 20%. We advise guests to bring their own harnesses but have some available for use, free of charge.

Boat rescue

Independent kiters who are not storing equipment with us will be charged US$55 per boat rescue .

Rental insurance

Due to the nature of the sport, we do not offer equipment damage insurance for kitesurfing rentals. Customers must pay for all loss or damage to rental equipment.

* All prices subject to change